We are building a school for impoverished children


Our objective

The objective of the boarding school are three-fold:

1. Shelter for needy children: the Home will have three categories of needy children:

a. Orphans: children who have been abandoned or lost parents when young

b. Semi-orphans: spouse has abandoned the family for another relationship and the family is now destitute

c. Rural poor: children who cannot commute to schools because of difficult terrain and do not have financial means because they have to work to help bring income to their families.


2. Break the cycle of poverty: Little Bells Promiseland Home will provide initial pre-school education. Presently many rural villages are too far from Government school options for little children to commute on foot, especially during the five months of rainy weather. The lack of schooling perpetuates the cycle of poverty especially as the population increases. Children from distant rural areas usually do not fare well in schools because they have very little reading readiness or exposure to literacy. Therefore they cannot compete with children from semi-urban areas who come with better literacy and reading readiness levels. Little Bells Promiseland Home will help to bridge this gap. After they complete the pre-school programme, they will be able to commute to the nearby Government School while they stay at Little Bells Promiseland Home.


3. Provide hope for the future: Little Bells Promiseland Home will be for children from the age of 6 – 16. It will be a place of nurturing so that the children can grow in every aspect of life under the loving care of experienced staff who will be their family. As they come of age they will be helped into further studies elsewhere or introduced into work life in town or their village of origin, so that they can develop their community with the skills they have learnt at school and Little Bells Promiseland Home. Little Bells Promiseland Home will accommodate 30 children. The home will be run by Mr Datemba Sherpa, his wife and other staff. Datemba has over 30 years of experience in running registered children homes in Nepal. It is sited to be built on a two-acre plot of land on a 10-year leasehold.

The location of the school





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