Please help save the homeless Littlebells of Nepal



Donate to complete the buildings

We had embarked on building the Littlebells Promiseland Chuldren’s home near Damphus village at 2,046m above sea level. It will give a home as well as urban, rural and mountain trekking skills to about 30 children aged between 8 to 18 years old.

The severe Earthquake in 2015 had us divert our funds and personnel to help to rescue, recovery and rebuilding of lives of the earthquake victims.

We have now resumed the construction of Littlebells Promiseland Children’s home.

The building is now nearly complete with the roofing done,  took time  because the roofing sheets and beams were brought up by mule. The roof is no on for the dorms, classrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and staff office/quarters!!
We are now raising funds to complete the following:

  • electrical works US$ 5,000 (with renewable energy sys)
  • plumbing US$ 2,000
  • furnishing US$ 2,500
  • landscaping US$ 3,000
  • fencing US$ 2,000

Please help us complete the buildings soon, thank you!

Other Amount: USD

Child sponsorship programme

We will be sourcing for children certified by the Nepal social service department as orphaned / separated (due to civil unrest) / destitute, all of whom are at risk of human traffickers.
Please help by sponsoring a child on an annual basis!

Donations for Children in Nepal
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We hope to have each child sponsored and relate with their sponsor friend/family through regular correspondences and maybe even visits as they develop through Littlebells Home programmes.

Make a trip to visit Littlebells @ Nepal


This view is just 5 minutes walk from Littlebells building site …..this is the Annapurna II mountain range

If you are interested to join a trip to Littlebells @ Nepal, email us at for more information or register your interest. Many exciting volunteer projects to engage in during our trips there. We  can also add on a trek into the mountains.


Other ways to send us donations:

If you’d like to contribute by writing a cheque, you can write your cheque to ‘Promises Pte Ltd’ and state ‘Littlebells Promiseland Childen’s Project’ on the reverse side of the cheque.

Please mail your cheque to:
Littlebells Charity Group
10, Sinaran Drive
#11-16, Novena Medical Centre
Singapore 307506.

100% of all contributions made will be sent to Littlebells Promiseland Children’s Home project as detailed in this website.

You can request for updates of the project status and review of financial records through email

You can also make a bank transfer to:

Account Name: Promises Pte Ltd

Singapore currency please transfer to: Account No.: 7339-581-812187-001
US currency please transfer to: Account No.: 7339-503-01737-8301

Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, Singapore
Bank Code: 7339
Branch Code: 581
CHIPS UID 010275

Bank Address:
65 Chulia Street
OCBC Centre
Singapore 049513

Intermediary Bank
JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York
New York, USA
ABA Routing No.:FW021000021

Please email transfer details to for accounting purposes, thank you.

Thank you for your contribution and your compassion for the needy children in Nepal!




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