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Dear friends,

How would you like to be a life-changing force and help children and families break the poverty cycle?

A group of us have come together to build and run a little orphanage/school in a remote mountainous area of Nepal. The objectives of this children’s home, Little Bells Promiseland, are to provide shelter, break the cycle of poverty and give hope for their future! We aim to do this by providing a home environment and education in the mountains, where semi-orphan, orphan or destitute children, some of whose parents have been displaced by Maoist rebel activities, can get help and learn urban as well as agricultural skills so that they can return to their communities to develop them, or they can find options in the urban centres.

Run by a team of Nepalese community members in partnership with Promises Pte Ltd in Singapore (, we are in the process of raising funds to build the actual school. Promises Singapore has already undertaken the lease of the property itself, which is located 5 minutes walk from the trekking station at the Australian Camp (located one hour’s hike from Dhampus). With no accessible and safe road to schools, there is a community of children aged 8 to 12, that is in desperate need for education and eventually hope for employment. Additionally these children are not able to go to school because nearest schools are about two hours’ hike away form they rural village locations, requiring them to walk through steep and treacherous terrain, especially dangerous during the rainy seasons and often completely inaccessible.

 By providing a school nearby and within easy reach, we know the lives of these children will change dramatically. We need partners to be change catalysts with us. We have already raised S$40,000, which has made it possible for us to buy the construction materials for the foundation and school dormitory. We need a total of $80,000 to completed all the buildings, which include a building of 3 classrooms, two dormitories, a kitchen, a community room and toilets/bathrooms and furnishing. Work has already begun on the plot of land, and the foundations for the 5 buildings have been laid. Now, we urgently need funds to buy more stones, cement and other building materials to ensure the school is completed before the rainy season sets in May, when all work has to be halted due to the treacherous hike that the craftsmen have to take with all the raw materials on their backs!

We are more than happy to furnish you with more details about the school and the children if you’d like to be a change-maker of their lives. We could even arrange a trip to the school site if your schedule permits! Please also do visit

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Daniel Jesudason





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