Little Bells offers a unique experience to make a difference and bring the benefits of that experience back home. The personal and professional rewards of a volunteer service last a lifetime. Deciding to apply to the Little Bells Project takes research and deliberation. The following web sections are a great resource as you explore opportunities to serve as a Volunteer.

What Little Bells is Looking For in a Volunteer Applicant?
Find out what skill sets increase your chances of qualifying for Little Bells Volunteer positions, and how you can strengthen your qualifications without a specialised degree.

Find answers to some frequently asked questions. (We are working on this section…)

The Application Process
On average the process from application to invitation takes from seven to twelve weeks.

This is how you can get involved with our project:
1. Search
Find the right project work for you by selecting the needed skills on our ‘Skills Needed’ page. (We are currently building this page!). You can also offer your skills proactively and we can find the best ways to maximize your talents – we are totally open to suggestions!

2. Apply
Once you’ve found the right task that fits with your available time, skills and areas of interest, simply send us an email with your CV, names of three references, and a short description of why do you’d like to be part of this project. Another easy way to get going, is for you is to send us your LinkedIn resume.

3. Interview
Once the initial information is exchanged, we’ll schedule an interview session to ensure it’s a good personality fit and everyone is on the same page with respect to project details and target outcomes.

4. Start!
Once we agree on terms and conditons, your role in the project begins! We will send you all relevant preliminary materials and together, we can set the first milestones. You can be sure that this will not only brighten the world for some children in Nepal, but will also be a bucket of fun!




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